Darwin Zen Group offer Orientation for newcomers to zen meditation and beginners aproximately once a month at 6.45pm.

Please contact 89853781, darwinzengroup@gmail.com or use the contact form to arrange to meet early prior to the usual evening meditation session.

In Zen the emphasis is on transformation through insight and spiritual inquiry. Orientation to Zen Buddhism, detailed instruction on meditation, and posture will be given to newcomers once a month on a Wednesday at 6:45pm and then guided walking and sitting meditation and spiritual dialogue is from 7:30pm-9:00pm. (Gold coin or $5 -$10 waged donation for use of the space.

We invite you to wear loose comfortable clothing with covered shoulders and knees to respect the Asian monastics that live in this space. Traditionally in Zen dark colours (without logos) are worn to avoid bringing attention to the self and distracting others but please note this is not at all essential.

Please let us know if you are definitely planning to attend an orientation.

There are opportunities for questions in the discussion time and through email as well as meetings with the teacher to support individual practice and spiritual inquiry.

Zen is a way of being. Living every moment from the truth of who we are, to find freedom, peace and joy in every aspect of life. Zen is not dependent on faith or beliefs and everyone is most welcome, regardless of background. We look forward to you joining our spiritual community.