Zen Retreat 2016

Group inquiry

Group inquiry

Group inquiry

Outside kinhin – Walking meditation

Just walking

Body Practice

Body Practice

Body Practice

Body Practice

The interconnection of all things

No one serving – all beings are served

No one serving

Mindful eating

Just sitting

Han – Hearing the soundless sound

Zendo – meditation hall

Sutras – Who is hearing and who is chanting?

Teisho – Dharma talk

Chanting Sutras

Nothing to do

Life as it is

Samu – mindful cooking

Samu – mindful work in the kitchen

Who is Hearing?

The colours of the Tatagatha

Dokusan line

Dokusan – private enquiry


The mind flows


Dokusan line

Ikebana – Flower arrangement

The universe exploring itself

Only Now

A gift of the earth and the loving work of many beeings

One with all things

One heart